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Specialty compounding is the process of making medications customized to a patient's particular needs. These medications are made from scratch with individual ingredients. Patient issues that specialty compounding can address are:

  • Unpleasant reaction when taking oral medication, such as stomach upset
  • Reluctance to take medication due to its taste or consistency
  • Difficulty swallowing pills, especially large ones
  • Needing a different dose of medication than what is available from a manufacturer
  • Needing a medication that has been discontinued by a manufacturer
  • Unwillingness to take medication, especially with children or pets

The compounding pharmacist works closely with the patient and his/her doctor to understand the specific issues and recommend a compounding alternative to address them. Doc's Pharmacy is pleased to offer this innovative service to our customers through our subsidiary Community Compounding. For more information, contact Michael Lunardini at 708-235-1100.