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Laborers Union

Doc's Pharmacy Express Scripts

Attention Employees and Retirees of Chicago Laborers Pension and Welfare Funds.

Chicago Laborers Union

Doc's Pharmacy has initiated a program to help defer payment for your prescriptions until you receive a reimbursement check for your medications from the union.

Benefits of this program to you are:

  • No cash outlay – (other than your deductible if any).
  • Helps ease the affects of seasonal layoffs.
  • Prescriptions cost the same as any direct bill Pharmacy.
  • Doc's Pharmacy and Sartoris Drugs will transfer your prescriptions for you.
  • Allows you to keep your prescriptions local so you save time and gas.
  • Buying in your community supports the tax base.
  • Program available to all eligible employees and retirees.

Getting Your Prescriptions Filled Locally is EASY...

  1. Stop in at any Doc's Pharmacy and identify yourself as a CLPWF Laborer or Retiree.
  2. We will process your prescriptions and put the balance owed after deductible on your House Charge Account, which we will open for you. There is no charge to open or use the account as long as the balance is kept current.
  3. You take your prescriptions with you and mail the receipts to the union as soon as possible.
  4. When you get your reimbursement check, you pay off those charges on your account.
  5. Charges incurred in the current month are due before the end of the following month.


  • It is important that receipts are mailed immediately to speed the payment process.
  • Finance charges of 1.5% per month will apply on past due balances and charging will be suspended until account is current.
  • This is an exclusive program of Doc's Pharmacy and Sartoris Drugs and is NOT endorsed by the Chicago Laborers Welfare and Pension Fund.