It usually takes about 5 minutes to complete a mouth swab drug test. The swab is placed between the lower cheek and gum of the test subject until saturated.Then, it’s removed and ready for the drug test.

Some employers choose to use a version of the test that identifies drug use on-the-spot. However, it’s strictly a pass or fail method. Many employers have the results determined by a SAMHSA-certified laboratory. They are held to strict government standards and are regularly inspected.

Why choose this test?

Many employers choose to use the mouth swab drug test because it detects recent drug use. In fact, it detects the majority of drugs commonly abused in the workplace within minutes of use. It also has a shorter detection period than the urine or hair tests.

For instance, marijuana is detected almost immediately after smoking or eating something containing THC. However, if someone refrains from smoking for 24 hours, they’ll pass the test.

Tamper resistant

No privacy’s required, so the mouth swab drug test can be administered anywhere. Moreover, there’s no way to tamper with the specimen because the subject is never out of the technician’s sight.

Drug users are always on the lookout for a way to “beat” the company drug test. Some products, such as mouthwashes, gums, and mints, claim to remove traces of the drugs in the saliva for a set period of time.

There are home remedies that claim to work too. Most involve using a specific brand of toothpaste or rinsing with a homemade mouthwash concocted using various ingredients commonly found in the home.

Some people even promote rinsing the mouth with household bleach! This may get someone out of taking a drug test all right! It would be due to the fact that they found themselves in the emergency room facing serious damage to their esophagus or worse!

We’ve got news for those hoping to achieve a false negative result.

The body constantly produces saliva—unless severely dehydrated—which saturates the mouth swab. Therefore, cleaning or coating the mouth just before taking a drug test won’t make a difference.

Who can use the mouth swab drug test?

If you’re regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT), the only approved method used for drug testing is the urine drug test. Employers of the general workforce can choose to use the mouth swab test for any or all of their drug testing policies—unless you operate your business in Hawaii, Maine, or Puerto Rico.

It’s always wise to check the drug testing laws in your state when creating your company’s drug testing policies.

Traditionally, employees must report to a drug testing location off-site which hinders productivity due to the loss of time traveling to and fro. Moreover, it’s inconvenient and time-consuming from the employees’ point of view as well.

Mobile drug testing companies are becoming more popular. These companies are located nationwide. They show up with everything needed and complete your employee drug testing on-the-spot—no matter which type of drug test your company uses. Mobile drug testing companies also handle post accident drug testing even if only one employee needs testing.

You might want to consider this option for your own business.